Chase Print Group is committed to reducing impacts on the environment and operating sustainably. From design right through to printing, all the processes we use are environmentally conscious.

Chemicals & Solvents

We strive to keep our chemicals and solvent use to a minimum using low volatility chemicals where we can.
Our waste chemicals are appropriately collected and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.

Our chemical waste is collected by MD Recovery PTY LTD (EPA permit no. 80439)

Computer to Plate

We use FujiFilm Lo-Chem Thermal computer to plate for all our printing needs. Which offers industry-leading lower chemistry consumption and processing.

All our aluminium plates are 100% recycled.

Water and Energy

Chase Print Group is proactive in reducing our power and water usage, which has included upgrading all lighting to low energy LED and implementing a water reduction policy for our staff to follow.


All our waste paper and cardboard are 100% recycled. Any paper too good to throw out gets donated to our local schools & childcare centres.

At Chase Print Group we encourage our customers to use paper which contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste.

In addition, we use only FSC or PEFC certified paper where we can.


92% of our offset inks and varnishes are vegetable-based inks.

Our digital presses use Konica Minolta Simitri HD polymerised toner, which is biomass, made up of biological materials that exclude fossil fuels and
generates considerably less C02 than conventional toner.

All empty cartridges are collected and recycled by Planet Ark.